Hairdressing in Penrith Kym's Cutting Gallery

To obtain an exact price on the service you require please book a consultation at no extra cost.

All payment facilities including; cash, mastercard, visa, eftpos is available.


(S) = Short Length  (M)= Medium Length  (L)= Long Length
Trim $40.50
Re-style $45.00
Shampoo/blow-dry $45.00 (S)
Shampoo/blow-dry $55.00 (M)
Shampoo/blow-dry $65.00 (L)
Haircut with colours  $37.00
Blow-dry with colours $37.00
Shampoo/Cut/Blow-dry $58.00 (S)
Shampoo/Cut/Blow-dry $68.00 (M)
Shampoo/Cut/Blow-dry $85.00 (L)
Up-style from   $85.00
Treatments from $23.00
Tints  $70.00 (S)
Tints  $85.00 (M)
Tints  $95.00 (L)
Tints (re-growth)   $68.00
Foils (full head)   $98.00 (S)
Foils (full head) $125.00 (M)
Foils (full head) $160.00 (L)
Foils (front only)  $65.00 (S)
Foils (front only)  from $66.00 (M)
Foils each $15.00
Specialty colouring Balayage or Ombre starting from $125.00
Toners/foils/strippers from $30.00
Streaks  $68.00 (S)
Streaks  $75.00 (M)
All perms include cut & blowdry
Perms (Redkin)   $120.00 (S)
Perms (Redkin) $150.00 (M)
Perms (Redkin) $160.00 (L)
Perms (Acid spiral)  $185.00 (M)
Perms (Acid spiral)  $215.00 (L)
Keratin includes cut
Please note, prior to Keratin treatments,
a consultation is required for hair assessment and pricing
Keratin Services  $285.00 (S)
Keratin Services  $400.00 (M)
Keratin Services  $495.00 (L)


Haircut (0-12yrs) $30.00
Haircut (12yrs plus) Adult price


Haircut $40.50


Short Hair only long hair extra
Ladies & Mens haircut $40.50
Ladies Shampoo, Cut & Blow-dry $57.00
Shampoo, Blow-Dry or Set $37.00
Perms, Cut, Blow-Dry or Set $96.50
Tints, Cut, Blow-Dry or Set $96.50
Perms (Acid) Cut, Blow-Dry or Set $120.00