Choosing a New Hairstyle

We do get tired of our look and if life is getting us down than what’s better than a new look . Like they say “if you can’t have a holiday have a new look and it will have you feeling better about life in no time”.

There is a lot of factors to look at when you’re choosing and  considering a new hairstyle . Here are the  things to have a think about:

  1. How thick or thin is my hair for this new look?
  2. Is this going to suit my face shape?
  3. How much time do I have to spend on my hair in the morning to get this look,  and do I have the time?
  4. What tools am I going to need to have this style? (Eg; brushes , curling wand straightener  etc )
  5. What is the right product I need to get the look I desire?
  6. What will I need to do to maintaining the look?

It’s always very important to have the time to have a full consultation with your stylist before you make a decision. We have Style books in the salon which you are always welcome to and of course there is the Internet which is always a great place to start eg. Google or Pinterest.

Obviously the actors and stars of today are setting the trend and have a great following regarding their look.

It’s always a great idea to bring any photos or pictures with you when you come to the salon, this will help the consultation and gives the stylist a clear indication of what style you would like to have. It’s very important as a stylist to be on the same page as your client so having that right understanding is essential to get the end result you want.

Keeping your hair in the best shape possible is very important  and it’s also going to make it much easier for you at home to handle styling and maintaining your hair.   It’s also best to make a follow-up appointment in 4 To 6 weeks before you leave the salon with your new look .


This is about the shampooing process and how and what goes on with it. Each strand of hair  has three  layers; the cuticle, cortex and the Medulla .

The hair is Keratin, which is a hard protein. When we shampoo the hair it opens the cuticle scale which under a microscope actually looks like fish scales . To close the cuticle which is the outlayer of the hair, a conditioner needs to be added . So in basic terms terms; if the conditioner is not added or used over the top of the hair the cuticle is left open, this causes the hair to feel brittle and dry . When the hair is chemically treated it’s even dryer again. So that’s where your conditioners come into play. It’s essential that despite the thickness and the health of the hair we should always use conditioner. Another product to use at least once a week is a treatment, they help stop damage and help feed your hair with protein and moisture .

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